Information concerning registered trademarks

If the trademark holder wants to submit a registered trademark (does not apply to trademarks validated by court or protected by a statute or treaty!), he has to provide two documents in one file in addition to the trademark details specified in the web interface (trademark, name of the trademark holder, trademark registration number etc.)

  • a signed Proof of Use to confirm the validity of the trademark data
  • digital proof that the trademark is in use (e.g. picture of label, marketing material, product information etc.).

Please note: It is obligatory for both documents to be submitted. Without the documents, the SMD file that is required to order new gTLD domains in the Sunrise phases cannot be be created. The documents must be in digital form and legible. The formats PDF or JPG are permissible for this, but the file size per document may not exceed 10 MB.

Important: Only the English forms with original text are valid. For better understanding, we provide translations in German for our customers. They can be download in the webinterface.

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Please note:

The Trademark Clearinghouse Guidelines* apply for the use of the TMCH Service.

*The Trademark Clearinghouse Guidelines are accessible at
Information may be subject to change